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This may be a long read. Apologies, but we want you to be absolutely sure that this course is the right choice for your child.

First of all, please note this. The Pass GCSE English course follows the AQA GCSE English Language (8700) specification. So, if your child is doing another exam board, then our Virtual Learning Environment is probably not for you. We thought we’d get that over with right away to avoid disappointment.

The course has been designed and written by teachers who are currently working in the profession. They will also do the marking. It can be started at any time – it does not have to be at the beginning of an academic year. Of course, if you are reading this a month before the exams then your child’s time is limited. Learners will need a PC, laptop or tablet to access the course. They can access it on their phone but it isn't designed for that and so that is not something we recommend.

It has been created using a Moodle platform.  We have outlined why we chose to use Moodle here.

The course is divided into sections which primarily cover each question that appear in the exams. So here you can see the sections for Paper 2.

Most of the elements of the course inside the section are called “activities”. Although there are six different types of activities, the “big three” are:

Assignments – Learners have a go at past paper questions, and we will mark them, giving them written feedback with suggestions how to make their work even better. The markers are all currently teaching the subject at school or college. There are fourteen assignments which will be marked by teachers. They are:
  • One assignment each for Paper 1, Questions 1-4 and Paper 2, Questions 1-4 (8 in total)
  • Two assignments each for Paper 1, Question 5 and Paper 2, Questions 5 (4 in total)
  • A full mock exam for Paper 1 and Paper 2 (2 in total).
We thought we’d put the assignments first as these constitute a lot of teacher time – and is the main reason the course costs what it does!

Lessons – Short interactive lessons where learners go over each individual question and what to expect. Read a full article about our interactive lessons here.

Quizzes – Our quizzes will test learners on their current knowledge of the questions they will get when they do the exams. These are marked by the VLE, so learners get instant feedback when they finish one.

The course has a huge amount of content already. There are elements that we need to add (particularly for elements of Paper 2) but these will be online by Christmas 2022. However, to make up for the wait we’re offering the course at a hugely reduced rate for the 22-23 Academic Year.  

We also have lots of videos embedded onto the course content. There are external links sections to which lead to the best blogs about the qualification and will help with each part of the exam. Our Reading for Pleasure section has been carefully created to link to work by a number of brilliant contemporary writers. Plus the course comes with a FREE 50+ page booklet called Core Texts which contains a wonderful anthology of work by writers who feature on the VLE.

We are committed to providing learners with a diverse curriculum and our Core Texts reflects this.

Whenever a new activity is made available, an email will be sent to the person who set up the account. As that will most likely be you, then you can prompt your child to participate. You can also set up the login name and password your child will use so you can pop in yourself to see how they are doing if you so wish.

Currently, the average cost of an English tutor in the UK is £21 per hour. This adds up very quickly. Our VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) currently has over 50 hours of guided learning and more content is added every week. 

As it is run by a small team who created it, we like to think we have the personal touch as well as subject knowledge and expertise.

When you register your child for the course, you can take a look through the content to see if it’s worth your hard-earned money before you complete the enrolment process. Hands up. There are elements of the course which are currently unfinished (although there is still a huge amount for students to do). That is why we are offering it at a low “introductory price”.

New activities will appear on a regular basis. That’s why we’re offering the course at the lowest possible price that we can – which unlike your other bills will not go up! It is a one-off payment for the year.

If you have any questions, please contact us, using the messaging facility on the right-hand-side of this website. One of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are ready to register and complete enrolment please go to that section.

Best regards

Robert Evans
Course Leader

Please note
We do not enter learners for the the examinations. Please contact a local school or college in your area if you wish your child to be entered for GCSE English Language examinations.

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