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Welcome to the course. To discover more about the VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) please use the tabs above - Course Content, For Students, For Parents/Carers - and so on!

If you would like to know about the course contents in a nutshell, please continue reading.

The main aim of this online course is that you can complete a lot of the activities on your own and receive instant feedback about how well you have done. These activities include: 

  • Interactive online lessons - there are currently 14 (the number is increasing all the time) dealing with the different questions faced by learners in the exams.
  • Interactive quizzes - there are currently 22 (again, the number is increasing all the time).
  • Assignments - 12 teacher-marked assignments based on exam questions.
  • Mock exams - a mock exam for each paper, marked by current teachers of GCSE English.
  • Fun badges, automatically awarded when certain activities are completed.
  • A free 50+ page of "core texts" featuring the writing of a diverse set of authors
  • Access to weekly Kahoot Challenges 
  • Regularly updated links to the best blog posts by GCSE English teachers
  • Regularly updated links to the best creative and non-fiction writing published on the internet.

For more information, click on the links or one of the tabs at the top of the page (depending if you are a student, parent and so on).

Below you can find the blog posts associated with the VLE and the GCSE English Language qualification in general.  

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